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Year Long Algebra 1

March 25 - 29 Assignment - Linear Equations and Graphs Practice sections

March 30 - April 5 Assignment - Forms of Linear Equation Practice sections

April 6 - 12 Assignment - System of Equations Practice sections


These are the ONLY assignments that will count toward your grade!



Instructions for Assignments


  • Click on "Files" in orange above.
  • Click on "Khan Academy"
  • Download the instructions for the version of Khan Academy you will be using.
  • The assignment count will include all of the videos and articles. You are NOT required to watch all of the videos or read all of the articles.
  • You must correctly complete the practice problems for each section assigned to you.



Download the free graphing calculator apps on Androids and iPhones.
iPhone: Calculate84        Android: WabbitEmu


If you have any problems with anything, please do not hesitate to email/text your teacher to ask for help.





For distance learning due to the COVID-19, we will be using Khan Academy to complete assignments for Algebra 1. 


If you do NOT have internet access at your home you have two options:

1. Go to the school parking lot. They have boosted the wifi signal so you can access it from the parking lot to do your assignments in all your classes.
2. Let your teacher know and we will make sure they have a paper packet ready for you at the "Grab and Go" meal site. (Southaven Intermediate) The first packet will be ready Thursday, March 26th. Then you will pick up a packet every Monday from the same meal site.


The Khan Academy assignments are not meant to be time consuming. They are meant to review you and keep the material fresh in your minds. Everything you are doing in these assignments will be review material. Nothing new!
You choose whether you watch the videos or not. PRACTICES MUST BE COMPLETE AND CORRECT! You get several tries on these problems. If you have problems, use your school notes or the hints and videos provided on the website. If you need more help, please contact your teacher.

New assignments will be added every Monday morning.


Directions to log in.

  • You must set up your account from a WEB BROWSER (such as safari, google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, etc.) You cannot set it up through the app! After you have set up your account, you can access it and complete assignments on either the web browser or on the Free Khan Academy App.
  • Go to on any web browser.
  • Click the blue rectangular button that says "Learners"
  • Click "Enter Class Code" in blue at the bottom.
  • Enter the Class Code given to you by your teacher. (located at the bottom of this page) Then click "Add"
  • Click "Create a New Account"
  • Enter your birthday.
    Then click "Sign up by choosing a username" if it is available.
    If the username option is not available, you can click "Continue with Google" or "Sign up with email"
    • If the email/Google buttons are the only options available...
      Type in your email/Google account and type in your full name.
    • If the "Sign up by choosing a username" option is available...
      Enter your username using the following directions.
      First initial, Last name, and Numbers that you choose.
      Example for Robert Frost: rfrost123
      Please use these usernames ONLY so we can identify students.
  • Create your own password so you can log in. Make sure you write it down!!
  • Click the blue "Sign up" button.
  • From here you can click on the "Assignments" tab on the left side of the screen and see what is assigned for that week. New assignments will be added every Monday morning.



Algebra 1 Teachers Class Codes


Heather Hinson                                                     Kris Fleming                                   

    1st Block:       E3GBE7N6                                                                                          1st Block:     ZQEXPC6T
    2nd Block:     NWVXB2CV                                                                                        2nd Block:    BFBQY4BU
    4th Block:      BC6PK2CM                                                                                         4th Block:     CSRDSUJ7



Rene Branson                                                         Sarah Moncrief                                      

     1st Block:       AP4ME2EX                                                                                        1st Block:     HC66JJZ9 
      2nd Block:     F6UQCA8B                                                                                        2nd Block:    9YWJAW6S  
      3rd Block:      9V8WMUJA                                                                                       4th Block:    U89YBQ44



Jordan Jordan                                                        Sundai Doyle                          

    1st Block:      UZ58AVTA                                                                                             1st Block:     HV933CNR
    2nd Block:    2SXSNDV6                                                                                             2nd Block:    68Y4733N
    3rd Block:     Q224ZZMF                                                                                            4th Block:     PRX73K6H




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