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Bradley, Shameka Assistant Principal
Brown, Jermal Assistant Principal
Russell, Jeremy Assistant Principal
Jones, Shane Head Principal
Stafford, Janie Assistant Principal
Smith, Donny Assistant Principal

Aldridge, Lee Chemistry I, DC Chemistry, and Physical Science/Assistant Football Coach
Allen, Danny U.S. History
Armstrong, Jamie Edgenuity/Assistant Football Coach
Bailey, Angela Biology I
Ballheimer, Dirk Teacher
Baxter, Kathryn Genetics
Beam, Rebecca MS Studies, Economics
Benson, Stephanie Biology I
Bernard, Shannon English I
Boggan, Stephen Law Related Ed and Economics/Assistant Boys Basketball Coach
Branson, Davie Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Brewington, Lorrie Pre-K Teacher
Briones, Darna Ready HS Math F, Compensatory Math, Foundations of Algebra
Broadway, Katie French I
Bruce, Zachary Algebra III, AP Statistics, Geometry, Archery Coach, Asst. AD
Burke, Rebecca English 1
Byrne, Renee Acc. English II, PSAT
Cobbins, Demetrius Act Prep
Coffman, Claire Intro to Theatre, Theatre II, CNTV
Coleman, Delisa Teacher/ Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Cox, Cassie Acc. Gifted English I, Gifted English II, & Dual Credit Theatre Appreciation
Cutts, Andrea World History Teacher and Softball Coach
Doyle, Sundai Compensatory Math II, Algebra I
Dudley, Jarrod Local Culture
Edge, Jeffrey Business Law, Personal Finance, Assistant Baseball Coach / SHS Swim Team
Embry, Anthony Dual Credit College Algebra, PSAT I & II, Adv. Seminar I, AP Calculus
Findley, Tyler Director of Bands
Fleming, Kristine Algebra I, Foundations of Algebra
Fowlkes, Carmen Music/Choral at Southaven High, Director of Choral Activities at SMS
Gardner, Timothy AP U.S. History, AP Psychology, Dual Credit U.S. History II, AP U.S. Gov't. & Politics, AP MacroEconomics
Gibbs, Mary Heather Family Dynamics, Child Development
Gregg, Angela English I
Hankins, Michael Music
Harris, Owen Foundations to Algebra
Hatch, Karen Librarian
Hayden, Paul Teacher
Herring, Hunter Special Education - Social Studies
Hill, Amy SPED/Learning Lab
Hill, Stephanie Algebra II
Hinson, Heather Algebra 1, Foundations of Algebra
Hollins, Clifford Earth and Space Science and Physical Science
Hopkins, Beckie EL Teacher
Jarnagin, Donna SREB Literacy
Johnson, Linda Acc. English I & III, AP English Lit
Johnson, Melissa English I
Jordan, Amanda English IV
Jordan, Brandon Physical Education/Volleyball Coach
Jordan, Jordan Algebra/Tennis Coach
Kelly, Caleb Teacher
Kimbrough, Rebecca U.S. Government
King, Cynthia Special Education
Knotts, Ashley Early Childhood
Lee, Anita Fine Arts
Loya, Anissa Spanish I
Lucas, Donna STEM
Marley, Jennifer Botany, Environmental Science
Maxwell, Rodney Inclusion - English
McCarrens, Shannon Contemporary Health (CTE), Foundations of Biology
McCrory, Amy English II, Comp English II/Assistant Track and Cross Country Coach
McDonald, Zachary Teacher (Earth & Space Science)
McMinn, Marla Sociology
McMurphy, Justin Health & Strategies for Success/Head Girls Basketball Coach
Metzger, Joshua Teacher/Head Soccer Coach
Moncrief, Sarah Math Teacher
Moore, Autumn English III
Moses, Tanya English III
Neel, Mardia Science
Paris, Meagan Inclusion Math
Parks, Marty Career Pathways Experience/Yearbook Advisor
Parnell, Courtney CBC Teacher
Pasterchick, Julie AP Lit IV, AP English III, Advanced Seminar I, PSAT I & II,
Patton, Avery Personal Finance/ Assistant Football Coach
Payne, Michael Biology I
Pegram, Amanda English II
Pierceall, Chris Band/Assistant Band Director
Pitts, Brian Fine Arts/Assistant Band Director
Potts-Szoke, Barbara Special Education Inclusion English Specialist
Pounds, Robyn Inclusion Biology
Prince, Russell U.S. History
Provancha, Elizabeth AP Chemistry, Chemistry I, Physics I
Quadrani, Susan Special Education
Quinn, Michael Economics/Head Bowling Coach
Reynolds, Trey English II
Rhodes, Skye World History/ Advanced Placement World History
Roberts, Sarah 9th grade MET Chair
Rodgers, Connie MS Studies, Intro to World Geograph, Advanced Seminar
Roop, Angelia Algebra I & Geometry
Roper, Rebecca Special Education
Russo, Carol SREB Math/Geometry
Rutherford, Merrileigh Visual Arts I & II, Photography, Ceramics
Sanders, Allen Director of Choral Activities
Savage, Brandy MS Studies, Economics
Savage, Jody Biology 1, Botany, and Environmental Science
Sherwood, Natalie U.S. History
Smith, Gregory French I & II
Smith, Scotty Dual Credit English
Staten, Shane Employability Skills & Driver's Ed/ Softball Coach
Stevenson, John Physical Education/Assistant Football Coach/Head Boys Powerlifting Coach
Thompson, Angela Special Education MET Chair
Tilghman, Preston World History
Tucker, Charles MS Writers, Oral Communications/Assistant Girls Basketball Coach
Tucker, Heather Psychology/MS Studies/Dance
Turpin, Mary Nutrition and Wellness
Underwood, Alan Special Education
Walker, Rebecca Teacher
Wilkie, Mac English III and English IV
Wilson, Ronnie Physical Education
Windsor, Barbie Geometry
Winston, Aquarius Stategies for Sucess/ Football Coach
Yardley, Matthew School Test Coordinator

Clark, Caitlin 9th Grade Counselor
Clarkson, Amy Attendance Clerk
Elmore, Shelby Classroom Tech Coach
Farmer, Jason School Resource Officer
Gray, Panellipi SPED Assistant
Hammond, Amy Secretary
Hinson, Cicely Instructional Assistant
Houston, Summer MSIS Coordinator
Jackson, Ashley Instructional Asst.
King, Betty Secretary
King, Melanie Instructional Asst.
Kohler, Samantha Instructional Asst.
Martin, Annie 10th Grade Counselor
Martin, Dorothy Cafeteria Manager
McCandless, Justin Computer Tech
Morris, Alexis GED Asst.
Plumlee, Deborah Bookkeeper
Pounds, Wes Athletic Director
Reeves, Whitney Secretary
Rich, Kelsey Instructional Asst.
Rogers, Lawanda Instructional Asst.
Washington, Tara Instructional Asst.
Williams, Latausha 10th - 12th Guidance Office , Students H through O
Williamson, Shannon 10th-12th grade Guidance Counselor, Students P through Z
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