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Due Date: 5/31/2020
Subject: Theater II

Here is the link to the Canvas classroom, where all assignments will be posted:


Due Date: 5/31/2020
Subject: Intro to Theater

Here is the link to the Canvas classroom, where all assignments will be posted:


Here is the link to the online textbook:


Password: Learning101!


Scroll until you find "Basic Drama Projects". It is a purple and black book.

Due Date: 5/31/2020
Subject: Performing Arts


Here is the link to sign up for the Canvas classroom. All assignments are there.


The textbook can be found here:

Username: desoto03

Password: tv18

Last Week (?) of Assignments
Due Date: 5/27/2020
Subject: Intro to Theater

Hi everyone!!

Weird times, huh? I hope you all are surviving. Just know that I miss hanging out with you. I do not miss hallway duty, fluorescent lights, or hot cheetoh stains on everything. I also do not miss having to wear real clothes. But, c'est la vie! (Pronounced "Say lah vee." If you don't speak French, look it up. My favorite response when someone says that is "La vie!" Get it?)

Anyhoo, your assignment for this week is to submit either a video or typed account of how your life has been altered since Spring Break. Submit your response to our Google Classroom. I am creating an assignment now. Get candid. Remember that no one sees these but me. I am not going to fuss at you for being honest (unless you have done some REALLY illegal. Don't do that. Stay smart, my friends.) Also in this assignment, I want you to tell me what you have done to keep from being bored. Have you helped with younger children in your household? Have you FINALLY realized that what I have been saying about the joys of reading is correct? Have you suddenly upped your technology game and are creating a new app? Have you looked into the online coding websites I told you about? Have you discovered that you are a wonderful baker/cook/creator?

I welcome any and all responses. Make sure your videos are 3-5 minutes long (I want you to be thorough), and your written responses are at least a page long single-spaced or 2 pages double-spaced.

I look forward to hearing your amazing thoughts on this whole situation. I have been working diligently on getting online classes up and running, snuggling with my dog, cooking, cleaning, and reading. I also finished The Office for the bajillionth time. I desperately wish I could go visit my parents, but they are in a different state.

If you are looking for a job, most pizza places and grocery stores need help. If your parents are making you stay at home, get crafty. Hospitals are in DESPERATE need for face masks and caps. You can find how-to's on making those online or most social media outlets.

Lastly, I know you guys are probably scared and wondering what is going on. I know most of you social media, and there is a LOT of misinformation/disinformation out there. Make sure what you are reading comes from a trusted source (like and others like that) and not biased towards a political party. You want facts, not politically driven opinions. Here are some rules:

1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in hot water with soap.

2. Wipe down/sanitize commonly touched surfaces. Not only will this limit potential exposure, but your parents/guardians will think you are the best for helping out! Win-win!

3. Stay home. You can go outside and get fresh air, just make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from folks.

4. Remember that social distancing and self-quarantine help those that are at the highest risk on contracting this. You may be healthy as a horse, but Grandpappy George doesn't have a teenager's immune system. This isn't so bad because of FaceTime, Whatsapp, and social media as far as staying in touch goes. And the faster we all stop being around each other, the faster this starts to go away, and the faster we can all be together again.

5. Know that I love you, I am rooting for you, I believe in you, and I think you are amazing humans. Be good to each other. Be kind to each other. Do good things. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do ; - )

Let me know if you need help with anything!! Peace out!

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